“I am so grateful to you for all you’ve done for me.  In the short time we spent together, I discovered more about myself than I knew.  The information and exercises you provided were invaluable.  It would have taken days, or even weeks, to find similar information and learn best how to apply it.  On a personal level, you showed empathy when I was most vulnerable and were positive and motivating when I needed it most.  You are a wonderful person and I will never forget you.  Thank you again.” 

                                                                                               ~ Administrative Professional

"Paula Behm was a superb mentor to me while I was doing a job search for the past four months. Paula and I developed a 'best in class' resume. We made sure the resume came alive.  Paula is in a class of her own - please pass her name on to others." 

                                                                                                  ~ Executive Plant Manager

"Paula is able to look at a person holistically capitalizing on their strengths and helping them develop their life passion."                                                                             

           Vice President Training & Development

"Without Paula, I would still be looking for a job.  With her assistance, I not only found a job, but was able to start an entirely different career.  Through the self-reflection process and discussions with her, I was able to identify all my options.  She’s a great mentor and an inspiration to be a success."        

                                                                                                       ~ Operations Manager

"Working with Paula brought out my natural confidence.  She not only helped me build a complete resume, but also aided in my job search, and then got me ready for my interviews.  I felt confident and prepared and that helped me get the job that I wanted and deserved.  She opened the gateway for a behind the scenes look at what employers look for in the perfect candidate.  I learned the right methods and tools that will help me for the rest of my career." 

                                                                                                 ~ Recent College Graduate

Become self-directed, self-confident, and reach your vision of professional success.