Become self-directed, self-confident, and reach your vision of professional success.

Online Career Portal  & Job Search Workbook 

The Online Career Portal offers interactive exercises to help individuals build a sales package to market themselves to employers. Nine personal assessments of strengths and interests, comprehensive career decision-making, and other life-transition exercises help accelerate the job search process. The portal offers direct access to proven job search resources tailored to specific industries, professions and geographies.

Career Workbook: A hard copy of a 274-page Career Workbook is provided in combination to the Online Career Portal.  Nine assessments can be completed in your workbook or on line.

Online Job Search Training:
Links to Webinars covering such topics as: Assessing Your Career Move; Resume Writing; Written Communications and Job References; Researching Companies; Selling Yourself as the Product; Networking and Informational Interviewing; Interviewing Strategy and Preparation; and Tough Interview Questions and Negotiating.

Career Links: Hyperlinks to career sites, colleges, newspapers, professional organization, and other resources such as job boards.

Global OneSource: Online database of employers where you can research company information including financials, news items, and lists of company executives that will help you target industries and prepare for the interview.

My Daybook: Online calendar and a virtual space that you can access from anywhere.  You can save your job search files here as a web backup to your own personal computer (including all your assessments, lists of companies that you’ve generated, your resume, etc.)
Interviewing & Negotiating: From preparing for the interview to receiving and negotiating the job offer, there is one thing you must do: prepare, prepare, prepare.  This section of the career portal and workbook provides questions that you will most likely be asked and questions YOU should ask during the interview.  Negotiating strategies, how to evaluate the job offer, salary, relocation guides, and what steps you need to take post interview are all included.

Career Coach: Throughout the process of career exploration and job search, working with Paula as your Career Coach will assist you in staying focused, on track and moving forward.